A family operation since 1969, Hellas is a second generation restaurant operated by John Giannakos, his wife Maria, and mother Maria. We specialize in fresh seafood, including clams, haddock, scallops, shrimp and chowders.

The Hellas restaurant of today is considered a historic site for Sackville. Prior to the Hellas family purchasing the building in 1969, it was owned by Dave Langille and has been used as a food outlet, grocery and butcher market.

During the 1960's, teens as far away as the Valley and Windsor would drive in for the Saturday night dances held at the Acadia Hall next door. Langille's had a classic "happy days" look with neon outside and a giant round speaker on the roof in the center. A pinball machine, juke box and stools furnished the inside. It was also a stopping place for people going to the local drive-in and the Sackville Downs.

The store was closed down for several years before the Hellas family bought it in 1969.

Zafirios and Maria Giannakos, along with their two children, John and Bessie, moved from Halifax to the suburbs, and with the help of realtor Polly McDonald, they purchased the property in 1969. After two months of renovations the takeout / restaurant was opened in early June,1969.

In the years between 1971 to 1977, Sackville experienced a building boom. Families from around the area moved to Sackville and began building their own homes. During these busy times, Hellas supplied a great service by supplying the families and builders with takeout service. The Hellas family befriended many of residents over those years and many of these families and friends still live in the community.

Many restaurants in Sackville have opened over the last two decades and most have closed their doors. Hellas Family Restaurant has established itself as one of the true icons of home cooked meals in the area.

Hellas has gone through several facade changes since 1969. Watch for a new look scheduled to begin this fall.